Welcome to DEZIGNS BY GIGI! I have been creating jewelry for about four years in my home studio. I immediately found that it was rewarding and challenging but it also allowed me to express my creativity. I have a deep passion for seeking out unique semi-precious stones in their natural state and incorporating them into my designs. In many cases it is that one unique stone which I find that inspires me as to how to design the necklace. Two years ago I started using the medium PMC – also known as Fine Silver into some of my pieces. I love this medium in that it's versatile and endless as to what one can create with it. It has allowed my work to continually evolve and grow with no boundaries. This limitless aspect to creating unique, yet timeless jewelry is what drives my passion to continually learn, create and share my art jewelry.

PMC or precious metal clay is a revolutionary material that consists of tiny particles of pure silver or gold mixed with an organic binder. I can press it, shape, carve, stamp, layer or mold it. Once it is dry the piece is sanded and further worked with. Afterwhich, it is ready to be fired with a torch or in a kiln. Once fired the binder burns off and you are left with an object which is pure silver 99.9% and as such can be hallmarked as .999 silver. The item can then be either oxidized to result in patina finish or/and tumbled for a high polished look. It is purer than sterling which is .925 and because it virtually has no other alloys in it, it tarnishes a lot less than sterling. PMC is also known as Fine Silver.

Again, I love working with custom orders so if you have something special in mind please feel free to share your ideas with me. I would love to work with you.

Your support is deeply appreciated

Distinctive ..One of a Kind..Finely Crafted Artisan Jewelry

~~ If you love jewelry than you've come to the right place! Here you will find distinctive, handmade, one of a kind artisan jewelry. All designs are original and handmade with natural gemstones, fine and sterling silver, and with utmost attention to detail and workmanship.I hope you will find in my shop that special unique piece you've been searching for!!!

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