Unique Australian Boulder Opal and Turquoise Necklace

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Product Description

I love working with Boulder Opal because it reminds me how amazing Mother Nature can be. This necklace features a unique Queensland Boulder Opal. Queensland Boulder Opal is excitedly different to other Australian Opals. It is a very unique and fascinating type of opal that is mined only in Queensland, Australia. Rain would dissolve some of the silica present in the earth's surface and the silica-laden water collecting on the ground then filled up cracks, joints and cavities. When the water evaporated, the remaining silica formed a gel made up of minute silica spheres. Boulder opal was formed when the silica mix flowed into veins and cavities in ironstone boulders and therefore the opal used has an ironstone base. The vivid colors of Boulder Opal give this amazing gemstone a real life persona, unequaled in stature from any other opal. Each piece is unique in nature!

This particular opal in its natural rough state has a unique shape with indentations and crevices on the topside which makes it so organic looking, but also has a flat smooth backside from the ironstone. The color that flashes when the stone is moved at different angles isa turquoise and green. The opal is also accompanied by small pillow shaped genuine turquoise stones and sterling silver cube beads to add the final touch on this one of a kind very earthy, organic necklace.

Closure: Hill Tribe silver hammered toggle clasp
Measures: 17 1/2"

**Your one of a kind treasure will arrive in a gift box**

Unique Australian Boulder Opal and Turquoise Necklace Unique Australian Boulder Opal and Turquoise Necklace

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